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RevealMax Fundraising Program™

RevealMax understands the difficulties nonprofits face with raising funds. We developed an innovative fundraising program that unlocks additional funds from your members.

The best part is that there is no risk and no cost to your organization or members!

RevealMax's Consumer Advocates negotiate down telephone, internet, cable, cellphone bills (e.g. Telus, Shaw, Rogers, etc.) for households freeing up additional money. We tailor this service specifically with your network of supporters so that they become more generous.

  • Connect RevealMax to your members

    Send out a newsletter explaining the value proposition of 'Reveal Lower Bills'

  • Let RevealMax go to work for your members

    Our Consumer Advocates save your members money on their telecom bills

  • Receive donations from your members

    The savings from lowered telecom bills are donated to your organization

How does it work?

  • 1. Consult RevealMax

    We explain in detail how the 'RevealMax Fundraising Program' can benefit your members and volunteers. We will evaluate any potential risks to ensure the safety and security of your organization. We work hard to make you feel comfortable and confident about collaborating together.

  • 2. Select fundraising model and benefits

    There are many different ways your organization and members can benefit from the 'RevealMax Fundraising Program'. Our team will tailor the fundraising model depending on your desired level of involvement as well as your organization's needs and capacity. Moreover, there are free services available to nonprofit partners such as Staying Safe workshop.

  • 3. Communication Strategy Development

    Our team will develop a communication strategy that best explains our value proposition to your members. We have various resources including templates, presentation guides, customized webinars, and even door-hangers to help get the word out.

  • 4. Promotion

    RevealMax will work with your organization to leverage existing resources in promoting your fundraising strategy. Depending on your organization's needs and capacity, this can include training volunteers and staff, as well as advice on social media marketing. Effective promotion to your members will determine your fundraising success.

  • 5. Consumer Advocates Action

    The hard work begins - for us, but not for you. Consumer Advocates work directly with interested members to realize significant savings on their telecom bills, without straining your resources or time.

  • 6. Benefits

    Depending on your organization type, there are many benefits:
    -donations from satisfied members
    -generates goodwill in your network
    -free access to RevealMax courses and workshops
    -rewards your members and volunteers
    -Safety Check of online accounts
    -RevealMax will donate our technology services towards your organization's silent auctions, raffles, galas, etc.
    -discounts on professional technology consulting services

Yes! We strongly encourage your organization to learn more about the 'RevealMax Fundraising Program' and how your organization/members can benefit.

Yes, our goal is for your organization to be confident in our services for your valued members and volunteers. Alternatively, we welcome your representative to complete the 'Reveal Lower Bills' for Households to evaluate the service. (link) Based on your feedback, we can further customize the service to fit your needs.

Our Consumer Advocates have decades of technical experience and negotiating know-how, allowing them to get the best possible price from telecom providers (e.g. Telus, Shaw, Rogers, etc.). RevealMax also has access to hidden and exclusive deals that are not available to the general public. The Consumer Advocates negotiate on behalf of your members, to lower their monthly telecom bills and get the services and terms they want. 1. Review Their Bills -  RevealMax individually examines your member's current telecom bills and finds out what services they want. 2. Reveal Their Options -  Consumer Advocates negotiate a better deal with telecom providers, and present them to your member. 3. Realize Their Savings -  Once RevealMax is approved to make changes, your member enjoys significantly lower bills, and they can pass on the savings to your organization. If you would like to learn even more about how Consumer Advocates will help your member, visit 'Reveal Lower Bills' for Households

Our standard process includes consultation, communication strategy development, and program promotion with your organization.

The implementation of the fundraising strategy should be completed within 1-2 months.

Realization of fundraising benefits is fully dependent on the nonprofit's level of engagement and the member's chosen payment schedule.

There are a number of ways your organization can maximize the success of this fundraising campaign.

  1. Help RevealMax learn about your members and volunteers, which will allow us to craft effective messaging.
  2. Share our informational resources that explain the service to your members, including documents and webinars.
  3. We also encourage you to try out the 'Reveal Lower Bills' service yourself before recommending it to your members.
  4. Appoint a dedicated staff to correspond directly with RevealMax for all matters. 
  5. Set a tangible fundraising goal. 

No matter the fundraising model chosen, your members will receive the same services and benefits. The three models listed below are for illustration purposes. Every organization and its membership base is unique, therefore RevealMax will work with you to create the best model for all parties. This may include blended or hybrid scenarios.

  1. 'Arms-length' -  The simplest model, this is perfect for organizations that cannot accept donations, but would like to reward their members/volunteers/clients.
  2. 'Flat-rate' - RevealMax will directly contribute a set amount to your organization for every member that participated.
  3. 'Commission' - The realized savings by RevealMax are split three ways between the member, RevealMax, and your organization.

All of our services are opt-in, your members decide if they want to participate in the program and what information they share. As a British Columbia based corporation, we are bound and fully compliant with the provincial Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). 

As an information technology company, we follow best practices in the industry for digital security and we use the same protocols and high-end encryption for our own sensitive data. 

This is highly variable based on: the number of members participating, their financial standing, the types of telecommunication services they use, and the fundraising model that is selected by your organization. In essence, the 'RevealMax Fundraising Program' frees up money for your members, and ultimately relies on your members' generosity and participation.

Your members are under no obligation to participate. We take great pride in removing all risks from our 'Reveal Lower Bills' service for our participants. There are no cancellation penalties, and our Consumer Advocates will answer all questions throughout the process. We also offer comprehensive aftercare for the participants such as bill monitoring, phone/email support, and holding telecoms accountable. 

Although we hope you don't, you can walk away from our partnership for any reason.

There is zero cost and zero financial risk for your organization as you are not purchasing anything from RevealMax. All financial transactions occur between RevealMax and individual members, therefore, protecting your organization from liabilities.

Regardless of whether you can accept donations or not, your members will be thankful for all the savings that our Consumer Advocates will realize for them. Moreover, there are other benefits your organization can take advantage of, such as access to RevealMax workshops and discounts on professional technology services.

If you are a Canadian organization that has staff, volunteers, and/or members, you qualify! 

Examples of qualified organizations include: nonprofits, houses of worship, sports clubs, community organizations, charities, foundations, Parent Advisory Councils, schools or preschools, environmental groups, groups governed by BC Societies Act. 

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